Get started in five easy steps

1. Download

Download MyChurch Membership Management (MCMM) software from the checkout page on purchase (5 MB).

Download Microsoft Database Engine 2010 (Free download 27.3 MB)


2. Install

MyChurch Membership Management

Open the downloaded program in your downloads folder, then click install. It takes only a few seconds.

Microsoft Database Engine

Download and install Microsoft Database Engine 

3. Input your parameters

Set up parameters and variables specific to your church on the prompt screen or from the software settings.

4. Import or type in data of all your members

Populate your database by importing membership data from an existing source (such as a spread sheet) or type into your database directly.



5. View analysis

Click on MyAnalysis to view summary of membership data. Information in this section is grouped into five categories – Member Age range, Marital Status, Gender, Status and Customized Church groups.

Watch MCMM demo video below

Efficient data management is key for church growth…