Efficient Membership Management

MyChurch Membership Management is a leading database management solution capable of storing and analyzing records of up to 1 million members.

Get closer to your members

MyChurch Membership Management helps you track the progress of each member while helping you communicate effectively with each one.

Celebrate with members

Notifies you about upcoming birthdays of members in your database and helps you schedule messages for each celebrant.

Flawless data management

Adaptable to churches of all sizes. Helps you store and retrieve data in no time using intuitive data entry.

Evaluate performance

View church performance in one go. MyChurch Membership Management gives you insight on the overall performance of your church.

In-depth Analysis

View your church demographics all at once and get valuable insight for making sound decisions.

Import Data

Import membership information from already existing sources such as Microsoft Excel.  MyChurch Membership Management automatically matches bio data fields with that of your existing records.

…and I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Matt 16:18)